Hidden Islands of Fiji

Hidden Islands of Fiji

Hidden Islands of Fiji

Fiji’s numerous islands can offer people with new discoveries and gorgeous scenery. It’s the ideal spot to experience the pleasure of the refreshing vacation. A few of the islands, including the main island of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, are quite popular with tourists. You’ll find, however, many other lesser known countries just waiting to be discovered by tourists. Here are five of the greatest hidden Islands of Fiji:

Robinson Crusoe Island

This tiny heaven is located off the southwest coast of Viti Levu and can be achieved by boat. People can go to the peaceful resort in the island and revel in a luxurious Fiji accommodation at a budget price. Visitors can enjoy a day of surfing, sailing or exploring the little island on foot. The white sand beaches and attractive palm trees offer this island a celestial quality. Robinson Crusoe Island Fiji    

Castaway island Fiji

People can access this little hidden island by seaplane, helicopter or ship. A lush tropical rain forest covers the island, enabling travelers the chance to experience a peaceful encounter with nature. The area also features a friendly beachside resort. People may also partake in other and windsurfing beach activities while visiting the area. The nearby coral reefs might be discovered by surfing or scuba. castaway island fiji  


Adventurous travelers can visit this area to see the filming location of the Tom Hanks film, ” Cast Away.” The island remains uninhabited by people, making it the right place for travelers to enjoy privacy and harmony. The area houses several unique species of wildlife like the endangered Fiji crested iguana. Many exotic plants, for example coconut palms and screw pines, also help form this island’s surroundings. The landscape continues to be relatively mountainous regardless of the island only being around 1 km long. Monuriki Island Fiji  


This uninhabited island can be a popular area for yachters and serious fishers to anchor their boats and luxuriate in maritime activities. In fact, the only path to get into the area is by boat. Visitors can see many different forms of decorative aquatic life by scuba diving in the surrounding waters. The different quantities of ocean depth around the island present various colors of orange inside the water, providing an original beauty for the environment. Navadra lies off the western coast of Viti Levu. navadra Island Fiji  


This Area is quite near the main island of Viti Levu in Fiji. Romantics will be pleased by the heart shape in the area. While they capture the waves off the island’s beachfront, surfing fans will enjoy. The island is obviously recognized for hosting annual surfing events. The island also comes with a significant peak towering majestically on the landscape. Tavarua, that is held by John Roseman, was an exclusive island until 2010. It’s currently open for several travelers to savor. Tavarua Island Fiji   Discovering the hidden islands of Fiji provides a unique holiday experience to people. Scheduling an inexpensive Fiji vacation deal is a good way for people to come and watch the very best of this splendid island nation. The friendliness of the nature of the countries along with the ancient people will definitely provide a good trip.      
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