Fiji Island Information

Fiji Island Information


Fiji Island Information

Have you ever been in the most beautiful part on this planet we call Earth? So beautiful that it almost feels that you’re in a different world? Well the Fiji Islands definitely fits the bill. White sandy beaches, shady palm trees and the clearest, bluest water you will ever see in your life, the Fiji Islands attracts hundreds of thousands tourists every year, bringing in more money for the Fijian Economy than their two largest exports, sugar and clothing, combined. [smartslider3 slider=4]  

Where is Fiji Island ?

Most people don’t know where The Fijian Islands are. Where on earth is the Fiji Islands located I hear you ask. The Fiji Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean. That’s the ocean between Australia and the Americas. It’s about 4,635 km (2,880 mi) from Australia, 2,595 km (1,612 mi) from New Zealand, and 5,072 km (3,152 mi) from Hawaii. The precise number of Fiji Islands varies from source to source, but most saying between 322 and 333, and 522 smaller islets. 87% of the 900,000 inhabitants live on the two largest islands, namely Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Most of Fiji’s Islands exist because of volcanic activity that started around 150 million years ago, with some of the volcanoes still visible today. The most known volcano has to be the Taveuni volcano, on the third largest island in Fiji, also named Taveun. It is more commonly known as the “Garden Island” because of it’s rich volcanic soils, making it the ultimate tourist destination. Map of Fiji  

Major Islands in Fiji

Some other major islands in Fiji  include: ● Kadavu ● Mamanuca Islands (Where the Film Castaway was shot) ● Lau Islands ● Nananu-i-Ra ● Yasawa Islands   Major Islands in Fiji  

Visiting Fiji Islands

If you plan on visiting Fiji, you will most probably arrive at Nadi on the western side of Viti Levu first, and from there on travel to some of the other islands, either by glorious catamarans, sea planes, helicopters, or just ordinary run of the mill boats for the tourist who is counting pennies. Nadi is the third largest city and also home to the biggest airport in Fiji, and therefore considered the main port of entry for tourist arriving by plane. But Nadi isn’t just a stop over place en route to your vacation destination. It has quite a few sights to offer, like Sri Siva Subramaniya temple, the largest hindu temple in the Southern Hemisphere, the Nadi market, and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a tropical garden well worth visiting.

Nadi Fiji

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Suva Fiji

On Viti Levu you will find the largest and the most cosmopolitan city in the South Pacific, known as Suva. It is also the capital of Fiji, and is home to about 85,000 people according to the latest census in 2007, and it is considered the commercial and political center of Fiji. Some notable landmarks include the Fiji Museum, Suva City Library, the beautiful architecture of the Government Buildings, University of the South Pacific and the amazing Thurston Gardens. [smartslider3 slider=6]    

Fiji Transport

Fiji’s reliable transport makes travelling quite easy, with ample buses and taxis. Car hire is also an option to tourists. Just remember that in Fiji, you have to drive on the left hand side of the road. Travelling between islands is also a dream and also quite inexpensive, with a lot of boats and ferries making regular trips between islands. Fiji Transport  

Language in Fiji

Communicating in Fiji isn’t difficult either, with most locals able to speak English, but learning a few a few Fijian or Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu) phrases will go a long way, as this is the local language. Internet is also quite readily available with an abundance of internet cafes in major cities and tourist areas.  

Fiji Rugby

But Fiji isn’t just known for their incredible beaches, warm water and paradise like Islands. Sport fans will know that Fiji has a quite successful Rugby team as well, and has competed in five Rugby World Cups, reaching the quarterfinals at least once. Fiji is also the two time champions of the Rugby World Cup Sevens and have won the IRB World Sevens Series once. Rugby is considered the national sport of Fiji, with about 80,000 registered players. A major concern though is a lot of Fijian players rather go to Europe because of better pay. Fiji Rugby Fiji has it’s fair share of well known celebrities, like famous pro golfer Vijay Singh, giving Tiger Woods a run for his money. Lord of the Rings actor and Legend of the Seeker star, Craig Parker. Literary genius Owen Sheers, and a few famous rugby players like, Waisale Serevi, Radike Samo, Nemani Nadolo and Campese Ma’afu.    

Paradise on Earth

With its paradise like atmosphere, hundreds of islands, year round tropical weather, warm turquoise water, romantic beaches, luscious forests and mysterious volcanoes, it’s no wonder Fiji is such a tourist magnet and considered by some as a totally different world. We have heaps of Fiji Island Information that will guide you when traveling to Fiji. Fiji Tourism  
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Fiji Island Information

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