Coral Coast Fiji Islands

Coral Coast Fiji Islands

Coral Coast Fiji islands AccomodationIf you want to visit one of the most beautiful locations in Fiji, then it absolutely has to be the Coral Coast. This is the name given to a massive stretch of beaches (50 miles) which can be found along the Queen’s Highway. You will have to head to Viti Levu for this. It will stretch between Nadi and Suva. As you may have guessed from the name, this area is all about the coral reef that you can see from the shortline, and yes it looks beautiful.


Why visit the Coral Coast in Fiji?

First and foremost; it is an experience. In fact, it is one of the more beautiful locations in Fiji. Anybody who has ever been to Fiji will know that this is saying something too. This whole place is gorgeous. No matter where you head along the Coral Coast in Fiji, you will be enjoying some stunning views.

Things to do include:

  • Coral Coast Fiji AccomodationThere are plenty of villages to visit along the route. These are places that you would never have the opportunity to visit otherwise. These offer a real authentic experience in Fiji. One of the things that you are probably going to notice is that if you head to one of these villages, you are not going to see a hotel. Don’t worry, you do not need one. Many of the locations on the Coral Coast actually offer a home stay option. This means that you will be staying with some of the residents of the area. Can you get much better than that?
  • If you love your golf, then there are some top courses along the route. Of course, you will be playing golf to the beautiful beach backdrop. It is an experience that you will find tough to replicate anywhere else in the world.
  • If you love your diving, then there are plenty of different places for you to head here. You will, of course, be exploring a beautiful coral reef. This means that you are going to be enjoying some fish up close and personal. The waters around the coral coast seem to be very calm for most of the year. This means that this place is going to be perfect if you are learning how to dive for the first time.
  • Sigatoka Market: If you are along the Coral Coast, you need to head to the Sigatoka market. There is nothing quite like bartering for a fish that has been freshly caught that morning.

Other Highlights

The Coral Coast, namely Korolevu, is the location that actually kicked off tourism in the area. This means that it is absolutely worth visiting just for that. Despite the area now being dominated by resorts and hotels, it has still retained much of its natural charm. Even if you head nowhere else in Fiji, this is a place that you can really enjoy. The night life is absolutely awesome and attracts people from all over the world. This is why so many backpackers head here.

Coral Coast Location in Fiji 

Check out the map below to see the location of Coral coast in Fiji.

Coral Coast location in fiji

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