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Castaway Fiji

Castaway  Island Fiji

castaway fiji islandsOne of the most popular resorts in Fiji is the Castaway. This is a private resort which has managed to receive countless awards for both its family and its couple’s options. Basically, if you stay here, you are going to be enjoying one of the most beautiful resorts in all of Fiji. Let’s take a little look at what there is to do on this island, shall we? Accommodation in Castaway, Fiji The accommodation that you find in Castaway, Fiji is among the best there is. Of course, there is something for everybody at this tropical island paradise. This means beautiful hotel rooms and some of the best secluded chalets that you are ever likely to find. Of course, it is worth noting that Castaway in Fiji is a small resort. It is also a very popular resort. As you may imagine, the amount of people that want to head to Castaway each year far outweighs the number of locations that there are to stay at. This means that if you want a chance of staying at Castaway, you are going to need to book well in advance. You are not going to save anything if you leave it until the last minute, we promise you of that! Castaway Dining As with the accommodation, when it comes to dining there is something for everybody at the Fiji resort. We are talking beautiful fine dining with some of the best food that you can purchase in this part of the world, a fantastic grill, and some more casual food options. Of course, the food available here is constantly rotating based on what is available fresh at the time. Basically, this is something that you are genuinely going to enjoy! Castaway Activities You are going to be spending a lot of time relaxing while you are on Castaway, Fiji. However, eventually you probably are going to want to do something a bit more exciting. Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you will be able to enjoy here. This includes the following (this is not an exhaustive list, don’t worry!)
  • Castaway ActivitiesBeach volleyball
  • Various cooking demonstrations. You will learn how to whip up some of the best Fijian food. It is going to be delicious too!
  • Tennis court. Of course, you are going to be playing in the extreme heat, but you are in one of the best locations in all of Fiji, are you really going to be worry about that?
  • Snorkeling: even if you are an inexperienced snorkeler, there is plenty for you to enjoy in Castaway, Fiji. You will be able to see some gorgeous fish and get up close and personal with them.
  • Various swimming pools at the resort.
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • If you fancy some excursions, then you will be able to hop from island to island. Each of the islands in Fiji has something new and exciting for you to discover. This why we love Fiji so much. We are sure you will too!

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